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Ketamine is a white, crystalline powder or clear liquid. Buy Ketamine Crystal Powder for Sale Online. Synonyms of Ketamine Crystal Powder (+/-)-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-cyclohexanone; Ketalar®, Ketaject®, Ketaset®, Vetalar®; K, Special K, Vitamin K, Lady K, Jet, Super Acid, Bump, Special LA Coke, KitKat, Cat Valium. Buy Ketamine

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Buy pure Ketamine Crystals Powder online, Ketamine is primarily used to initiate and maintain anesthesia. It provides pain relief, sleepiness, and memory loss while inducing a trance-like state. Sedation in intensive care, as well as the treatment of pain and depression, are some of the other uses of it.

Ketamine has medicinal uses and is available in the form of a clear liquid or a white or off-white powder. Ketamine comes in a variety of forms, the most popular of which are: · Liquid Ketamine: Ketamine is available as a transparent liquid that is made up of ketamine powder dissolved in a water solution. In a medical setting, liquid ketamine is injected into a muscle or vein. · Ketamine powder: Ketamine crystals or powder can also be created from liquid ketamine, which can then be snorted or swallowed as a recreational drug. · Ketamine pills: Ketamine pills are not used in medicine. When the powder is packed into a capsule and used as a recreational drug, then ketamine is only available as a pill.

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